Describe a place that you like

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Describing a place: Choosing vocabulary

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How to describe: Writing clear places and characters

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IELTS Speaking Part I & II Topic in 2017 – Describe a quiet place you like

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I by to visit my favorite more than visiting any other common. The imperial was connected with slave trades and paste. When describing a place such as a desert or city, teaching kids to use strong vocabulary words helps them add details to a story Hello kim. I would like to ask you about how I want to describe a smell in class.

I doesnt have any idea right now. can you help me? Posted January 5, Reply. Kim Kautzer Here are some websites to get you. Describe a Place That You Like When I was a child, I used to spend my summer holidays at my grandparent’s in Point Place, Wisconsin. It is a small suburban somewhere near Kenosha.

This town is extremely small and has a dismally low population. However, I like this place. There are a lot of things to do in such a small town.

1. Describe a place you often go. 2. Describe your hometown. 3. Describe a place you would like to live in.

Adjectives that Describe Places - Intermediate Vocabulary

4. Describe a recreation place you visited.

Describing a place: Choosing vocabulary

5. Describe one of your favourite places. 6. Describe a city you really like to visit. If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a place you would like to visit." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well: Describe a place you had been to.

Describe a city you would like to visit soon. Describe your favourite tourist destination. Describe a place that you would like to travel to. You should say: Where you would like to go; How you would go there; Who you would go with; and explain why you would like to go to this place.

If that’s you, say, “I like when processes are in place, so I know what steps to take.” Others may prefer a more informal work environment in which there is less structure in the way the company operates.

Describe a place that you like
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Describing a Place | Teaching KIds to Write with Vivid Vocabulary