Factors that contributes to alcohol abuse

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction

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5 Socio-Cultural Factors that Cultivate Addiction

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Causes of Alcohol Abuse

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Factors That Influence Teenagers to Alcohol Abuse. by MICHELLE BOLYN Aug. 14, Michelle Bolyn. Michelle Bolyn is a licensed mental health professional and has worked since as a therapist.

Bolyn has been writing mental health, wedding-related and relationship focused articles since These are some of the factors that influence.

There are many contributing factors that can cause alcohol abuse. These causes may include the person’s surrounding or environment, social pressure, problems at work or at home, cultural norms or traditions as well as genetics.

Common Reasons Why Teens Start Using, Then Abusing Drugs

A common saying in the addiction treatment field is. Genetics contribute to the increased likelihood that a young adult will abuse drugs, and to what extent the substance abuse may escalate.

Alcohol Abuse Risk Factors & Causes

Factors such as gene mutations in an individual’s DNA chemically predispose a person to addiction by as much as video-accident.comon: Variel Avenue, Los Angeles,CA. Genetic Risk Factors of Teen Substance Abuse. Genetics contribute to the increased likelihood that a young adult will abuse drugs, and to what extent the substance abuse may video-accident.comon: Variel Avenue, Los Angeles,CA.

Many families have ongoing patterns of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, which also contributes to alcoholism. Family violence is a serious issue, and the risk for alcoholism goes up if someone is a part of violent situations or if that person is a spectator to them.

Factors that contributes to alcohol abuse
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