Interview with a person that is a different culture than you

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I need to interview someone of a different culture (non-American)

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The 50-Man Interview

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Oct 14,  · I need to also interview someone from a different culture than mine hello - I need some help with some interview questions. I am taking a diversity class for college and need help with interviewing someone from a different culture.

Interviewing Across Cultures By Pamela Leri As you prepa re for your interview in another culture or country, here are a number of specific questions you may want to consider: • Are these expectations different for lo cal people than they are for foreign nationals?

Nov 22,  · This interview has to be from someone that doesn't have the same race, religion or background as me. I am a white girl, from Washington State, Christian, middle class, college Resolved. Feb 22,  · So, are you willing to work at Facebook?And fully geared up for the interview?

That’s good. But, before you go on with the Facebook interview, there are a few things you. Feb 25,  · 2. How are your culture’s values different from “American” cultural values?

Pretty much the same except the yanks talk funny a. Has this caused any problems for you or people you know? (ask for examples) b. How do you/did you deal with this? Nah. Interviewing Across Cultures By Pamela Leri Guest Columnist, Employment interviews are stressful whenever and wherever they occur.

Interview: Learning About Another Person's Culture

In one’s own country or culture, it is easier to know what to expect and how to establish credibility. In terviewing in a country other than one’s own can be an extremely challenging experience.

Interview with a person that is a different culture than you
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