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See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Title: Budget Planning Manager at. Shakeel Abbas [Sr.] Tea Quality Manager - M4 at Tapal Tea (Pvt) Ltd. Lieu Pakistan Secteur Restauration collective.

Bewertungen für Tapal Tea

Tapal and the tea industry in Pakistan. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: competing neck to neck with a formidable multinational.

Bewertungen für Tapal Tea

Managing Director of Tapal Tea (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Aftab Tapal belongs to a third generation business family.

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Institute of Business Management COMPANY HISTORY Tapal Tea (Pvt) Ltd. Tapal Mezban. and the range of Tapal Green Tea. This made the management of the company think of alternative markets where the success of the Pakistani market can be replicated to ensure a. This item: Tapal Danedar Black Tea (Economy Pack) 2lb $ ($ / pound) Only 7 left in stock - order soon.

Sold by Commerce International and /5(15).

Tapal tea balance sheet free study
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